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In order to actually keep this thing moving along the fine folks at LAUNCH Cleveland have joined w/ |re|decle to celebrate the community based idea of taking back the streets. With this in mind a whole new series of charrettes is being offered at LAUNCH based upon the premise of studying existing street conditions and questioning what would make them better. Now that LAUNCH (with its much smoother running web presence) is offering hosting space this site will begin to dwindle towards nothingness as the new location takes over. Do not fret, the events here are being archived and saved for posterities sake. In the mean time jump on over to the new website and take a look at the new charrettes.


Updates appear below in chronological order. You may organize posts by specific charrettes (to the right) or browse through them in order of posting.

Charrette 2007.02.26 Solution 'C'

Ivy walls cover the southern and eastern facade masking the horizontal banding of the majority of the building. Naturally occurring penetrations in the vegetation allow for air movement and light through the existing structure. Water runoff from the building is collected and run through the ivy fenestration watering the planting primarily though a trough at the base (which also holds the root structure). The eastern face and south-eastern corner have some lightweight fabric structures which are internally lit at night giving the normal dormant structure a sense of life and place-making.

-Dru McKeown

Charrette 2007.02.26 Solution 'B'

Not an attempt to simply mask the structure, the signage pays homage to the few moments of connection our solitary vehicular society allows. The placement of such large imposing structures juxtaposed with the vast wasteland of surface lots in the city speaks volumes about our current direction and values. Not meant to solely comment on America’s addiction to automobiles but also on the terrible cost affixed with such a past-time to ourselves, community and environment. If only there could be something more exciting there then a parking lot.


Charrette 2007.02.26 Solution 'A'

The redesign proposal uses the concrete structure of the garage as a

scaffolding for a vertical garden landscape. The southern facade
features ornamental planters suspended in rows with vegetation of
increasing height, from native grasses to flowering shrubs to hardy
urban trees, while the western exposure is shaded by columns of
climbing vines. When available, rainwater would be recovered in a
cistern at the upper garage level and channeled down to irrigate the
plants. The daily and weekly parking cycles become re-framed in the
new context of the natural seasons of the garden.

-Scott Snyder

Charrette 2007.04.01

|re|Design Cleveland Charrette 2

location: Columbus Road Bridge
intent: Possible solutions for bridge replacement. Will have to function as an auto/pedestrian bridge over the Cuyahoga River that will still allow boat traffic (including freighter) to pass through/under.
submission form: Maximum of 2 (800x600 dpi) electronic images (jpeg preferred), 100 word max description.
deadline: 2007.04.30
registration fee: None
prizes: Internet immortality and bragging rights.
judging: To be determined. Everyone's work will displayed, similar to the first charrette. If we get a lot of submissions then I will bother some people to judge otherwise you can use the comments space for your remarks. Possible internet voting if I can get blogger to employ it.

overall timeline:
2007 04.01 - Charrette release
2007 04.30 - Submission deadline

2007 05.07 - Submissions posted online

2007 05.14 - Collection of favorite subm
issions will receive additional attention

Special Thanks

To those that entered the first |re|Design Cleveland Charrette. Submissions will be posted by the end of the week. I would like everyone to take a moment and clear the palette before the next Charrette goes live by this afternoon but I think it will be a good one. Something everyone can play with.

Until then, I just want all the contributors to bask in the glow of my heartfelt thanks. I haven't pulled the emails from the account so I am not sure exactly how many responses we got, but we got at least one and that if a fine place to start.